Divorce: A Step Toward A New Beginning

If you are going through a divorce, you are undoubtedly experiencing a mix of emotions, including sadness, anxiety and anger. You may even be feeling relief about getting a bad experience behind you and a sense of excitement about what comes next.

All these emotions are perfectly natural reactions to what you're going through. However, sometimes emotions can cloud our judgment when we need to make important decisions. That is one reason why you need the guidance of an accessible and experienced lawyer to help you stay focused on the issues that will ensure you are better prepared for the next stage in your life.

More Than 14 Years Of Experience

I am attorney Karen Pollins, and I have more than 14 years of experience helping people through divorce. I know what you are going through, and I know the strategies that can help. At the Law Office of Karen R. Pollins, PLLC, I help people work through a variety of issues related to divorce, including:

Whatever issues come up in your case, together we will determine your goals and work to find the strategies that will best help you attain them. I feel the best way to attain the best outcome for you is to be professional and courteous when working with the other side, staying focused on the important issues, and taking well-reasoned positions during settlement negotiations and in court if litigation becomes necessary.

Let's Get To Work

For help with divorce and other family law matters, call the Law Office of Karen R. Pollins, PLLC, today at 520-612-0524. You can also reach me by email. I represent people in Tucson, Arizona, and greater Pima County.