Experience In Family Law

Karen R. Pollins

If you need help with divorce, child custody or other issues of family law, you need a lawyer who understands your unique circumstances, your needs and your goals. You need a professional who helps you through the process, but who respects you enough to let you make the decisions.

I am attorney Karen Pollins and I have been representing people in divorce, child custody disputes and other family law matters for more than a dozen years. With The Law Office of Karen R. Pollins, PLLC, I strive to represent my clients in a way that puts them in charge of their own legal needs.

Legal Solutions Tailored For You

When you are my client, I help you to determine your long-term and short-term goals, and then we work together to help you reach them.

My goal is always to help you reach a settlement that will meet your needs and put you on the path you want to be on for your family's future. I believe that reducing tension and animosity can lead to better results for everyone in family law matters.

At the same time, I am willing and ready to take your case to court. If courtroom litigation becomes necessary, I will be more than prepared to fight for your interests in front of a judge.