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Child support disputes often involve detailed facts and calculations. Those matters, however, can be addressed strategically with the help of an experienced lawyer.

Many people coming to my office with child support issues have one overriding question: How does child support get calculated in Arizona?

To calculate child support, Arizona law uses a formula based on an "income shares model" which considers a number of variables set out by statute.

Some of those variables include child-care costs, the cost of health insurance, parenting-time days and other variables. The court will also look at the income levels of the parents.

When you work with me, you will know you are working with an attorney who has gone through this process before and knows how it works.

I have been assisting clients in child support matters for more than 14 years. In that time as an attorney, I have learned how the child support system works throughout the Tucson, Arizona, area.

Experienced Legal Judgment In Child Support Disputes

I provide you with the benefit of the insights about the system I have gained during those years. To do that, I work with you individually, one-on-one, so I can tailor my guidance to your specific circumstances and legal needs.

You will be able to rely on my advice confidently regarding Arizona child support laws. You will know you are drawing on the seasoned legal judgment I have developed over the years. I provide you with legal strategies meant to take into account how the other side may be approaching the case.

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