Protecting Your Relationship With Your Child

Since 2003, I have worked as an attorney to protect the rights of people throughout the Tucson, Arizona, area who want to sustain their relationships with their children. Divorced parents and unmarried parents alike turn to me for the personalized legal representation they need.

One reason clients come to me is for my experience in protecting child custody rights. You will rest easier knowing your most important decisions about your own children draw on my seasoned legal judgment in these matters.

When it comes to custody issues, Arizona law focuses on a variety of issues. Many clients want to know about which parent gets to make certain decisions.

This is what Arizona law calls legal decision-making and normally involves non-emergency decisions regarding the child's medical care, religious upbringing and education.

Arizona also applies some new terminology you may not recognize. What used to be called "joint legal custody" is now called "joint legal decision-making authority." What used to be called "sole legal custody" is now called "sole legal decision-making authority." And what used to be called "visitation" is now called "parenting time." Joint legal decision-making does not necessarily mean both parents will have equal amounts of parenting time.

Tailored Legal Representation In Child Custody Matters

When it comes to child custody issues, the court will always focus on the best interests of the child. When advocating for you, I build strategies designed to address how the other party might be thinking with respect to parenting time and legal decision-making issues.

As your lawyer, I provide you with representation in a personalized, compassionate manner that addresses the worries you have about your future. Whether you are married or unmarried, you can turn to me for assistance.

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