Understand Your Rights In Relocation Cases

As circumstances change, parents may need to relocate to a different location in Arizona or relocate to a different state for a new job, to attend school or some other reason. Parents who need to move usually want their children to move with them. These can be complicated, emotional cases that are typically highly contested.

Arizona has strict notification requirements before a parent may consider moving away with a child. If you are considering moving away with your child, or if you are the parent of a child who is being moved with their other parent, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced attorney early in the process.

The court will consider many factors when determining whether it is in the best interest of the child to move with the relocating parent. Some of those factors include the prospective advantage of the move for the parent or child, whether the move will allow a realistic opportunity for parenting time and how moving may affect the child's stability.

Let Me Help You Move Forward Properly

The consequences in a wrongful relocation can be severe. For that reason, prior to any relocation, I will confer with you as to how the rules in these situations work.

I sit down with you one-on-one. We will talk over your case in detail so I understand your facts and your unique circumstances.

Relocating with children involves both emotional and legal complexities that are different from many standard family disputes. When I advise you as your lawyer, you will know I am drawing on my experience having represented parents who needed to move and parents who opposed to having their children move away. That experience provides me with the legal judgment needed in order to advise you intelligently.

Seasoned Legal Judgment

During my more than 14 years as an attorney, I have represented parents who wanted to move with their children and parents who opposed having their children move away.

When you work with me, I work one-on-one with you.

I do that so I can get to know you, the facts of your case and your unique circumstances. I take all those factors into account when I evaluate your relocation case.

Because I have represented clients on both sides of these cases, I understand how the other side thinks. I incorporate those insights into the advice I provide to you as we assess your options and strategies.

My experience also makes it possible for me to advise you if your case falls into any gray area or involves unsettled legal issues. In those situations, you can turn to me for advice on how to move forward wisely.

Learn Your Rights In A Relocation Case

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