Providing Solutions In Modifications

As circumstances change, modifications need to be made to existing court orders. At my Tucson, Arizona, firm, the Law Office of Karen R. Pollins, PLLC, I emphasize personalized, professional assistance to clients seeking to modify child support, legal decision-making, parenting time and spousal maintenance.

As children grow older modifications may need to be made to accommodate changes in a child's school or activity schedule. Modifications can also occur with respect to changes in jobs. Particularly where one parent needs to relocate and wishes to do so with the child, a number of significant circumstances must be reviewed with the court.

As financial circumstances change, modifications may need to be made to existing child support and spousal maintenance orders. If your case involves such a consideration, we will analyze your finances and those of your former spouse in order to present the best case to the court.

Modifications involve a thorough analysis of the facts of the case. I will work with you to determine whether a change in circumstances has occurred to merit a modification, or whether the court order as it exists should be maintained.

Objective Advice In Emotional Situations

Whatever your situation, I can help you because I hold many years of experience as a lawyer in handling these matters. With those years comes a legal judgment that has been tried and tested.

As your attorney, you can rely on me to help you identify your options when modifications regarding custody and support are in dispute, and provide you with the necessary information to make an educated decision.

My experience means I understand how modifications get handled in our local jurisdiction, and how judges and opposing counsel may view your case.

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